At the men's spa

A barber - for many Poles, this name still sounds quite mysterious. Some people know nothing at all, others associate it with a hairstylist or beardstylist, but most often they are not sure what exactly it is about. Or maybe a cyrulik (an old Polish profession of a medic)?

The profession of a barber seems to us a new profession, meanwhile its roots date back to the 12th century!

In every big city in the world there is definitely a Barber’s Shop or a salon for caring for the male head and beard.


Here in Mexico we can see The Barber’s Spa chain, which is ...

Since Adrian's name day is approaching, he got a gift from me - a visit to such a spa.

He declined the option of deep peeling, several facial masks and hand massage but with pleasure he gave up himself in the barber's hands for over an hour, which gave the effect as attached.

The barber himself seemed to be pleased with the results of his work, as he took a photo of the model.

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